How Quickie works if you use it as a Provider?

Using Quickie as a Provider is easy and reliable!

Step 1: Guest scanns code on their table, select items and post order.

Step 2: You recieve clean and easy to read order on you email address.

Step 3: Prepare order

Step 4: Deliver it to customer and DONE!

Using Quickie as a Guest is fast and easy!

Step 1: Open Quickie App on you iOS or Andorid phone

Step 2: Scan Quickie QR code on your table

If your are using the app for the first time, please enable camera access for scanning the code when prompted

Step 3: View beautiful and transparent digital menu

You can scroll through entire menu or filter it by selecting category at the bottom


Step 4: Select items you would like to order

Item can be added by tapping plus button and removed by tapping minus button

Step 5: Go to checkout

When you added all items to your order tap button on the top of the screen and review your selected order. Here you can also add comment / special requests about items in your order. If you forgot something you can go back to menu by clicking back arrow.
Based on which options are supported by restaurant you can choose either to pay in person or pay in app

Pay in App

This option is recomended

Pay in Person

When you select this option your order will be sent directly to the waiter and you will recieve the bill that can be paid in person by ways supported in restaurant. Submit your order and wait for items to be prepared and delivered. Please keep the digital bill until order is recieved.